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    Digital is dead. What the ****

    Digital marketing is done. Dead. Over. Finito!

    Maybe my opening line is a little attention grabbing but one has to stand out somehow, right? In all honesty, I keep coming across numerous links, articles posts etc claiming the era of digital is now over.

    Hang on. I work in digital. It really isn’t!

    Whilst digital marketing is by no means dead, we have (or at least we should have) accepted that it is integral to all marketing efforts; therefore, we can no longer differentiate between traditional and digital marketing.

    So where does that leave us?

    As a traditional marketeer, my own experience has always led me to consider digital campaigns holistically. After all, why advise clients [businesses/brands] that they should consider a social media campaign focussing on XYZ when remaining channels aren’t ready to support?

    Ask yourself, how many opportunities have been missed because business wide stakeholders and decision makers are focussed on their sole area only? Wouldn’t that campaign have been more successful if the social media campaign reiterated the search campaign, supported the PR content and was relayed as the consumer walked through the door? I appreciate my example may be a little far-fetched but hopefully you get my point.

    Digital marketing isn’t and should never have been a specialist area. Yes there are specialists who focus on social media, AR, loyalty programmes and much more but without considering all other elements, that ‘specialism’ becomes defunct.

    Ultimately, we in the industry have become ‘customer experience enhancers’, ensuring the online journey is integrated with the offline. Creating numerous touchpoint’s and continuously testing to ensure that everything we do is profitable. The easier and more seamless the journey, the more profitable your marketing will become.

    So sorry, it isn’t dead. It’s just being rebranded.


    Digital is dead. What the ****

    by Pete1 Frost time to read: 1 min