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    Your GA4 Migration

    As of July 2023, Google’s Universal Analytics (GA3 or UA) will be discontinued, after over 10 years in service and will stop collecting data altogether on this date. With data being one of the most valuable assets of any marketing strategy in today’s world, it’s one of the most significant moves from Google in recent times. Fear not, with Unity’s continued Google Partnership and frequent communications with Google strategists as well as significant investment in extensive employee training, testing and research, we’re perfectly aligned to migrate all of our clients to Google’s new data collection tool, GA4. You’re in safe hands.

    We’ll be migrating all clients to this new property type in good time to allow us to collect user data well before Universal Analytics (UA) becomes obsolete. This means we will still be able to compare and contrast historic data and report on the changes we see in your data on a year-on-year basis.

    A complex and delicate process, it’s essential to allocate due time to complete this process, to what extent is mainly dependent on the extensiveness of the tracking you currently have in place for example; the number of goals and conversions to be added to GA4.

    How does this affect me?

    Our Marketing team have your strategy for migration under control and the process is designed to be well-managed, effects to you will be minimal. Protecting your marketing data is paramount to the process where we will ensure a seamless continuation of data collection.

    Okay, so what do I need to do?

    Your Account Manager will be in touch to book your migration session. We ask that this be done within 2 weeks of our getting in touch. This session will allow you and your account manager to talk you through the migration process to make sure that we’re continuing to track KPIs that are most relevant to your business. We will be using Universal Analytics to dictate tracking that was previously set up and will communicate this with you so that you can make sure this is still in line with your conversion reporting needs.

    Is this process included in my contract with Unity?

    Clients who are currently engaged with us for a single channel or service will be contacted directly to add this migration service to their strategy which may have a small charge. Those that are engaged with our market-leading ‘Digital Access’ product will be asked if they wish to add this migration on top of their retainer to prevent disruption to their proactive marketing strategy or to include this work in their retainer value.

    What’s next?

    Your Account Manager will be in touch to book your migration session shortly. Please be sure to book as soon as you can. Our Account Managers will be able to answer any questions you have during this meeting.


    Your GA4 Migration

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