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    Agency Life

    Working in the agency side for a number of years, I have come across many different office and work cultures.

    Whether it’s a large agency or a small boutique, one thing has become apparent to me, and that is the culture, the technology and the opportunities available are critical.

    One of the great benefits of working agency side is the numerous clients, projects, channels and audiences you are exposed to. Whilst this all sounds incredibly sexy, there are moments when you may (inevitably) run around like a headless chicken coordinating all the various elements of an integrated campaign.

    So – Before I go on any further arguing my opinion on why agency is the way forward for budding marketeers, I would like to caveat that this is merely my opinion and based solely on my personal experience working for and with some great agencies, managers, colleagues and of course, brands.

    Boredom will never and I mean never, get you…

    Not one day is the same as the other. I’m sure this applies to all agency roles. Because you are usually working across multiple projects and clients, you are 99.99% guaranteed to be hopping on and off, juggling multiple strands and channels.

    In my experience, I have never ever counted down the minutes to ‘home time’. Unless it’s Friday and we’re off to the pub… team bonding right!?

    Exposure = enhancement. The ‘EE’ factor

    Leading on quite nicely from point 1, working at a digital marketing agency will provide you with the perfect opportunity to be exposed to multiple channels. For example, SEO specialists will inevitably be exposed to PR and social media, encouraging inter-team collaboration and a wider understanding of the digital/marketing landscape. With all this exposure, it automatically (hopefully) leads to an ‘enhancement’ of skills.

    At Unity, we are constantly striving to excel our skill set to ensure we are at the forefront of digital marketing. Whether that’s’ banging our creative minds together to come up with genius campaign ideas, reading books on frogs (yes, we really did this albeit frogs related to time management) or taking a breather from office life and attending a course of sorts, you are without a doubt, building up your skill-set. Another reason why I love agency life!

    We’re a sociable bunch

    One of the many reasons I enjoy working agency side is the overall social and work culture that is encouraged. Whether it’s the ping pong table (yes, I know, agency cliché) or numerous social gatherings organised by the powers above, it rarely feels like you are going into work. Whilst there may be moments of intense stress when working to a tight deadline it will, without a doubt, be celebrated with a pint/incentive/greasy pizza. Whatever rocks the agency boat!

    Creativity is intelligence having fun

    Ahh. My favourite. I have had the pleasure (and continue to do so) of working with some great creative minds. Whether it coming up with an alternative method to promote a brand/product or a campaign focussing on engagement, your innate creativity will have the opportunity flair. No barriers. Go crazy. Undoubtedly this will be reigned in to ensure campaign objectives are met but the fun part is always the brainstorming session!

    No corporate bureaucracy

    Everyone mucks in and gets their hands dirty. Well, at least the agencies where I have worked, possibly because I prefer smaller agencies. That being said, in most agencies, you are exposed to not only different marketing channels but also roles and responsibilities. Because the very nature of agency life is fast paced; quick witted and ambitious individuals will get noticed. You will not become a number and with the right attitude, have the opportunity to progress.

    As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the above is merely my own opinion based on personal experience. There are pros/cons with every industry/role and just as there are pros to working for an agency, there are many pros to working client side. I’m just slightly biased!



    Agency Life

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