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    We’re Hiring: Social Media Community Content Exec

    We’re seeking a Social Media Community Content Exec that has a spark and a get-up-and-go attitude to join our passionate and enthusiastic team.

    Multi-award-winning agency in Leicestershire is seeking someone that has a spark and a get-up-and-go attitude to join our passionate and enthusiastic team. Someone who can bring zest and fresh ideas to clients and campaigns via social channels.

    We are looking for an energetic and passionate individual with a hunger to learn and excel to actively engage audiences on behalf of our clients. You will adopt their TOV and use both paid and organic social channels to generate positive engagement and leads and support growth in both their audience and their business.

    You’ve made it this far, so let us introduce ourselves. We are Unity. We have grown to become one of the most well respected and known brands in digital marketing in Leicestershire with a multi-award-winning team recognised for innovation, creativity and delivering campaigns that deliver real results to SME’s across the country.

    But before you read on… CV’s are great but we want to hear more about you than where you’ve worked. So with your application and CV, in 250 words, tell us why we’re the perfect match, if you’ve got any examples of creative content you have produced, let’s see!

    With this growth, we have an exciting opportunity for an ambitious Social Media Community Content Exec to join our team in Leicester City Centre.

    As our next Social Media Community Content Exec, you will:

    • Hold proven experience in creating effective social media campaigns across all major social media channels, utilising both organic and paid mediums
    • Be able to write engaging content
    • Be able to use reporting tools to analyse all social activity and be confident in suggesting amendments
    • Be able to manage multiple tasks and time effectively to meet deadlines 
    • Have excellent attention to detail, organizational skills and maintain high standards taking pride in their work
    • Be a great communicator, written and verbal
    • Understand how to make a post stand out in a busy feed
    • Be able to inspire a client and engage an audience
    • Understand best practices for paid and organic social advertising
    • Be confident with image editing and composition tools such as Canva and Facebook Creative Hub
    • Stay at the forefront of developments within the industry to identify new opportunities for our clients

    You will be responsible for:

    • Producing content in various mediums (images, written, animated, video) that resonates across platforms including such as social feeds, blog posts and email newsletters
    • Introducing new and innovative ways to engage, stimulate and reward current fanbase
    • Promoting reviews
    • Monitor ‘#’s’, brand mentions and customer feedback, engaging with fan/follower posts and manage questions, feedback and any complaints
    • Optimising social profiles across all platforms to appear for key search terms
    • Making full use of available opportunities across Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business 
    • Supporting ROI report production


    You will work closely with strategic leaders within the business as well as content executives to ensure alignment in messaging between channels and mediums.  

    In return, as a successful Digital Marketing Consultant you will receive:

    • £15,875 starting salary + loads of opportunity to earn bonuses
    • 20 days holiday p/year with birthdays off
    • On-site kitchen facilities and exceptional city centre offices (check out our social!)
    • Use of only the latest Apple equipment and technology
    • A tailored personal development plan and the opportunity to receive constant training and education in our industry to help keep you at the top of your game
    • 50% off gym membership
    • Free fruit and bottled water all day, every day
    • Free monthly yoga classes
    • Pension contribution
    • Dedicated personal development budget (£250) for external developments


    With a substantial existing account base in the SME market and a diverse product range, Unity offers a fast-paced and exciting role with unrivalled long-term security and progression. This role is ideally suited to a motivated, enthusiastic and forward-thinking individual looking to be part of an incredible movement in Leicester

    If you feel this Social Media Community Content Exec role is the right one for you, then don’t hesitate, hit apply now…remember the 250 words for why we’re a better match than a Tinder date.

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    The ultimate starter kit to creating effective content for your business

    Your content is an important part of your business’s success, especially when it comes to the design and structure of your website, for instance.

    Your content also aids search engine results, allowing users to find you more effectively, which in turn, will increase traffic to your website. This increase of interest will then result in a more established brand for your business, providing you with the title of leader within your chosen industry.

    This is where we come in.

    Our experienced content department has a wide spectrum of experience within an array of industries and has extensive knowledge in B2B, allowing our team to create engaging content in the form of website content, blogs, social media and other forms of digital content.

    So, you want to know how to write effective content? Well, lucky for you, we are the experts.

    We devised this blog to bring you some top tips on how to write effective content for your business, how to reach your targeted audience and gain the results you desire.

    Interested? Read on.

    Your alluring headline:

    Believe it or not, the headline of your content is crucial as this is the element that will lure your audience into clicking your content and reading on.

    In order to get that user hooked, you need to make your reader feel one of the following:

    • Spark a personal interest
    • Make them feel an emotion
    • Provide an educational element

    Without achieving at least one of the above points, you won’t be able to achieve the results you wish and gain the interest of your desired users.

    Here at Unity, we create powerful headlines for our clients by producing core research into their industry and using our traffic-driven strategies.

    Grabbing your readers attention:

    The golden rule: you have less than 5 seconds to keep your reader interested in your content after they pass the headline. Your first sentence makes the core statement to the rest of your content so you need to make it a powerful and engaging one. This part of your content should grab the readers attention and navigate them deeper into your content.

    Research, Research, Research:

    Naturally, if you are going to write content about any subject – you need to either have the knowledge at hand or do some research into the topic you are discussing. If you create content that is false or does not include any technical language, your content will not create the level of engagement, nor create the results you wish to gain. If you are within the B2B market, make sure you include aspects such as statistics and data in order to give your content a high level of credibility.

    Question: Why are you writing this?

    Every piece of content has a purpose – what is yours?

    Your content should have one key message that should flow through your content with ease. When you are writing your content, keep this in mind and make sure that you tie in your key points to the purpose of your content at all times. No-one likes a waffler! (They just like eating them).

    Wondering why you should write a blog for your business? Click right here for further insight.

    Put your best voice forward:

    There are many variations of a tone of voice, for instance, if you think of an engineering company, you should use a friendly but technical voice that fits this industries requirements.

    It is important to have a unique voice that aligns with your main objectives, target audience personas and branding to create a personal yet insightful piece of content.

    SEO – Contents white knight:

    If you want to create a good piece of content and you want your audience to find your amazing piece of work while they’re scrolling – then you need SEO.

    The best forms of content involves having a consistency of short paragraphs, who aren’t afraid of white space with the odd list to change the frame of the content. Your content should always involve the very latest SEO strategies and you must be in line with best practises.

    If you use SEO effectively within your content writing, you will be able to attract a larger audience base and Google will want to rank you higher within their search engine.

    Check, edit… then check again. 

    Once you have created your content (congratulations!) don’t just flick through and publish.

    Make sure you read through your work and consider what you can do in order to improve your work, for example:

    Are there any grammatical errors?

    • Could I add more technical terms?
    • Would an infographic work with this content?
    • Can I add more keywords?
    • Is there an opportunity to add more internal links?

    After a few edits of your work, with a pair of fresh eyes, you will be able to finalise your content and it will be ready to publish!

    How to find your marketing gurus:

    The core purpose of effective content is to turn visiting consumers into happy customers who will then turn into returning customers.

    Standard content is simply not allowed – you need to publish high-quality content that is pleasing to the eye, produces emotion and educates your audience. 

    Remember: If you use SEO effectively, search engines such as Google rewards businesses on their great content and ranks them higher in their search results!

    So, after analysing your own content – are you getting the results you want?

    Here at Unity, we design and develop ROI focused content marketing strategies that are driven by retaining and engaging your audience, in this competitive industry.

    Interested? Then Contact Us Today and start your journey of success.


    So, what are your thoughts?

    How to grow your business using Linkedin Marketing

    When it comes to promoting your brand and business on social media, we find that the focus generally falls on Facebook and Twitter. However, we forget that there is also another platform that offers huge bags of potential and opportunities to reach more people.

    Linkedin has grown rapidly over the years and is fast becoming the new connector and data specialist for businesses and professionals worldwide. Unlike the other Social Media networks, with Linkedin, you can you grow your professional network, generate leads, create ads and it’s a great platform to find and hire professionals to fuel your business growth.

    We’ve put together our top tips on how to use LinkedIn effectively, to help grow your business and brand.

    1. Create a LinkedIn Company page

    This may sound pretty obvious, but many of us assume Linkedin is only for business professionals and not for companies as such. Did you know? Personal profiles don’t have the same marketing and advertising features and company pages, so you’re already missing out on opportunities there!

    2. Promote your company page

    Once your company page is all set up, it is worth encouraging all your employees to connect and follow the page. This will help to build your first set of followers and create a company space on Linkedin.
    Next steps would be to promote the page on your other platforms:
    – Add the link your LinkedIn company page to website footers, email templates, email signatures etc
    – Announce the launch of the company page across other social networks.

    3. Share regular content

    The key to success for any social media network is to post regular and valuable content. Try to post content that is trending and relevant, including news and events happening at your company. A great tip would be to use the Linkedin Company page analytics to see your top performing updates… This will also to make strategic decisions on the best times to post and view the type of content your followers are engaged with the most.

    4. Create a Linkedin Marketing strategy

    Setting up the company page is the easy part. But in order to maximise the full potential of your Linkedin page, you need to create a clear marketing strategy, that will help you to take advantage of the opportunities. Start off by understanding what you want to achieve from this Linkedin page. Is it more followers? Traffic to your website? Or is to increase traffic to your website? Whatever the objective is, you can create strategic campaigns to help work towards your target.
    Every time you post content on Linkedin, think back to your overall objective, and consider if this campaign will help achieve your goals… If not… What is it you can do differently? It may be as simple as tweaking the content.

    8 Top Tips for the Ultimate Facebook Marketing Experience

    Know your audience

    Learn how to talk to your audience by knowing exactly who your audience is.

    Your Facebook marketing will be far more effective if you know what your demographics interests are and also their needs.

    Facebook is a contender when it comes to your target audience. How? Because the platform generates the resources you need, such as Facebook Ad Manager.

    Ads Manager allows you to produce a custom audience, allowing you to segment such as genre, location, interests and more.

    Talk to your audience, not at them

    Your core purposes for social media is to build a relationship with your audience and promote your brand.

    Our tip? Encourage engagement with your target audience – allow them to be part of your brand!

    The simplest way to achieve this is to ask interesting and enticing questions. Don’t assume that users will comment just because they like your content – ask them to do so.

    Other great ways to boost engagement include:

    • Contests
    • Polls and quizzes
    • “Caption this image” posts
    • “Fill in the blank” posts 

    Know when to post

    Yes, there are certain times in the day where traffic is at its peak.

    Post your content when everyone’s asleep, working, or not online, and you’re not going to achieve your targets.

    • 9am
    • 12pm
    • 3pm
    • 6pm

    If you utilise these timeframes effectively, you can’t go wrong.

    Great content is the best way forward

    So, you have a targeted audience, you know their interests, so the next part is to produce some engaging and eye-catching content.

    You want followers to come back to your page and find exciting new posts in their feed, and share them as often as possible.

    To do this, you have two options:

    1. Consistently write excellent content – and lots of it!
    2. Find content by others that’ll interest your audience

    Content that is a mixture of your own produced content as well as finding related articles from reliable sources can provide a great content portfolio for your Facebook page – it allows your audience to visualise that you are not just producing optimised content, but you understand your industry and update your audience with the latest news.

    Join the right groups

    Facebook groups can be a powerful tool in your marketing process.

    To begin, track down a few interesting Facebook groups within your chosen industry. A tip here is to look for responsive groups that ideally have a valuable amount of followers.

    To narrow your search a little, try groups limited to your area, or groups that focus on a very specific area of interest.

    Consider creating your own group for customers.

    This gives your audience easy access to a page to share tips and tricks and with this in mind, would be easier than producing a forum on your website. Naturally, it is also a fantastic way to build brand loyalty with your users and create core content that will engage with your consumers on a personal level.

    Video is the future

    You might already have noticed how much of your personal Facebook feed is taken up by videos. People enjoy seeing videos in their feed as they scroll, you yourself might be a fan of the same process!

    With video, there are some key benefits such as:

    • They take up a fair amount of space on your facebook page and news feed, making them eye-catching and more likely to be clicked on.
    • Sharing is caring. Videos have produced a large increase in sharing because of how easy it is to just click share and inform their friends!
    • Facebook is heavily invested with their video options due to battling with Google (Who own YouTube) so you will have plenty of support from Facebook.                                             
    • Tip: Don’t forget the subtitles. 85% of all Facebook videos are viewed with the sound turned off. Videos without subtitles have a massive disadvantage and will lose out on engagement.

    The age of the Influencer 

    Influencers are industry Kings and Queens with established and segmented audiences that listen to them, trust their brand and purpose and have users that listen to them intently. If you can find influencers to share your posts or talk about your brand, your message will be engaged with a higher rate of users.

    But how can you find good influencers to work with you ask? Again, social listening (the process of monitoring social media channels for mentions of your brand) will help with this.

    By tracking industry keywords on Facebook, you’ll find voices with strong voices who use them often. By proceeding with this process, you will find out what specific influencers discuss in terms of your industry, how many followers they have and how many of those followers engage with their content, and much more.

    Invest in Facebook ads

    Advertising on Facebook is now a key digital marketing strategy in today’s society.

    Facebook has more than a billion users every single day!

    The main reason however for you and your Facebook Marketing strategy is to analyse user behaviour and the core analytics that Facebook collects and generates for you.


    What are your thoughts?

    If you found this blog interesting, get in touch today!

    Communicating with Millennials

    As marketers, we are always on the hunt for new and crazy ideas that will help us reach dizzying audience heights and create a mass flow of engagement.

    Integrating the various marketing channels available at our disposal and throwing some of the green stuff (money) at a campaign definitely helps, there is one priceless factor that we all crave for, and that without a doubt has to be ‘earned media’. I’m not talking about some blogger somewhere, no – I am talking about real, genuine, customer engagement. Those fans we aspire to reach out to who create a snowball effect of engagement, generating a tonne of organic content for us to leverage.

    Ahh, the dream…

    Digitally connected and socially dependent

    Millennials. The future. Our future. Me.

    With more spending power than previous generations, brands have to find a way to connect to this audience. Gone are the days when brands can tell people why they should shop/eat/drink with them, instead, time and investment needs to be made in connecting with this demographic at a much deeper level. The term ‘brand ambassador’ springs to my mind yet again.

    Millennials don’t want to see a celebrity telling them to buy this. No. They want to see a real person, someone relatable telling them to buy this, try this or whatever it is you need to push. Hence the rise of Instagram stars and Mummy bloggers.

    According to a survey carried out by Bazaar Voice, 84% of all millennials stated that user generated content had an influence on what they buy. In fact, user generated content or ‘earned’ media is more influential in the buying cycle than any other content.

    Essentially, earned media/UGC needs to be considered in your marketing strategy and unfortunately, just sitting back and hoping your audience will naturally want to publish or share is simply not enough.

    Law of attraction – think big, get big

    Sitting back and hoping for the best won’t work nor will creating content for the sake of it work. If you are looking for some simple tips to test out, try the below tips:

    1)   Influencer Marketing: Find an influencer who resonates with your audience, whether it be a budding chef, a hard working Mum or a 17-year-old vlogger who has a multitude of teens chasing him. Research who they are, what they talk about and why their audience loves them before you do any form of outreach. If they agree, their audience will hopefully become yours too.

    2)   Engage in Conversation: Ask questions, the right questions. That doesn’t necessarily mean you ask if your customers are having a good day online, but ask questions that matter to the audience. You may want to refrain from politically or religiously driven messages (unless that is your area of business).

    3)   Big up your Customers: Now this tip, is my favourite tactic when it comes to earned media. Some brands have done it brilliantly (think Coke’s #ShareACoke campaign) whereas others have failed miserably. By simply sharing positive customer experience and highlighting it digitally, you have the power to make the other person feel very special. And who doesn’t want to feel special?

    4)   Get Emotional: sometimes, businesses and brands alike can lose their personality behind a tape of bureaucracy or an overkill of headache inducing jargon. Talk plainly. Another favourite campaign of mine which I have referenced multiple times in the past is the Dove campaign for real beauty, in which Dove aims to empower women to feel beautiful, regardless of industry and societal expectations. I could write endlessly about their approach but to save time and to not bore you, I won’t. Ultimately, they hit the nail on the head when it comes to combining all the core marketing principles.

    Hopefully, this article has given you some food for thought and why earned media or UGC as some like to call it needs to be vital component in your marketing strategy. As always, this is my opinion based on my own experience. I’m sure there are many other tips and of course, differing opinions. Feel free to comment!


    Agency Life

    Working in the agency side for a number of years, I have come across many different office and work cultures.

    Whether it’s a large agency or a small boutique, one thing has become apparent to me, and that is the culture, the technology and the opportunities available are critical.

    One of the great benefits of working agency side is the numerous clients, projects, channels and audiences you are exposed to. Whilst this all sounds incredibly sexy, there are moments when you may (inevitably) run around like a headless chicken coordinating all the various elements of an integrated campaign.

    So – Before I go on any further arguing my opinion on why agency is the way forward for budding marketeers, I would like to caveat that this is merely my opinion and based solely on my personal experience working for and with some great agencies, managers, colleagues and of course, brands.

    Boredom will never and I mean never, get you…

    Not one day is the same as the other. I’m sure this applies to all agency roles. Because you are usually working across multiple projects and clients, you are 99.99% guaranteed to be hopping on and off, juggling multiple strands and channels.

    In my experience, I have never ever counted down the minutes to ‘home time’. Unless it’s Friday and we’re off to the pub… team bonding right!?

    Exposure = enhancement. The ‘EE’ factor

    Leading on quite nicely from point 1, working at a digital marketing agency will provide you with the perfect opportunity to be exposed to multiple channels. For example, SEO specialists will inevitably be exposed to PR and social media, encouraging inter-team collaboration and a wider understanding of the digital/marketing landscape. With all this exposure, it automatically (hopefully) leads to an ‘enhancement’ of skills.

    At Unity, we are constantly striving to excel our skill set to ensure we are at the forefront of digital marketing. Whether that’s’ banging our creative minds together to come up with genius campaign ideas, reading books on frogs (yes, we really did this albeit frogs related to time management) or taking a breather from office life and attending a course of sorts, you are without a doubt, building up your skill-set. Another reason why I love agency life!

    We’re a sociable bunch

    One of the many reasons I enjoy working agency side is the overall social and work culture that is encouraged. Whether it’s the ping pong table (yes, I know, agency cliché) or numerous social gatherings organised by the powers above, it rarely feels like you are going into work. Whilst there may be moments of intense stress when working to a tight deadline it will, without a doubt, be celebrated with a pint/incentive/greasy pizza. Whatever rocks the agency boat!

    Creativity is intelligence having fun

    Ahh. My favourite. I have had the pleasure (and continue to do so) of working with some great creative minds. Whether it coming up with an alternative method to promote a brand/product or a campaign focussing on engagement, your innate creativity will have the opportunity flair. No barriers. Go crazy. Undoubtedly this will be reigned in to ensure campaign objectives are met but the fun part is always the brainstorming session!

    No corporate bureaucracy

    Everyone mucks in and gets their hands dirty. Well, at least the agencies where I have worked, possibly because I prefer smaller agencies. That being said, in most agencies, you are exposed to not only different marketing channels but also roles and responsibilities. Because the very nature of agency life is fast paced; quick witted and ambitious individuals will get noticed. You will not become a number and with the right attitude, have the opportunity to progress.

    As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the above is merely my own opinion based on personal experience. There are pros/cons with every industry/role and just as there are pros to working for an agency, there are many pros to working client side. I’m just slightly biased!


    Pokemon, schmokemon

    OK, OK, OK. I get it. There may be some of you die-hard gamers thinking what on earth is she banging on about? How rude? Does she not get it??

    Whilst I will happily put my hands up and proudly claim to not have been sucked into the whole Pokemon hype, I am willing to admit that the whole concept has brought out the innately curious marketeer in me, questioning how can I piggyback off the hype for some of my clients?

    For SME’s, there appears to be a quick win through the implementation of ‘lures’. Apparently (and I state apparently because I haven’t tested nor have I tried to play the game), businesses can buy lures to try and entice people to their premises. I am not going to attempt to explain the benefits of this, as a simple search will draw out a multitude of articles already written on the subject matter.

    Instead, what I am keen to understand is whether the nostalgic game coupled by Augmented Reality (AR) has relaunched in the industry.

    I have always been a fan of AR and been saddened to see the lack of uptake from brands and businesses globally. Yes, there have been some nice campaigns by brands such as John Lewis, Lexus and one of my favourites, Toys ‘R’ Us however, it feels as though that after the hype around AR, the uptake has slowly decreased, possibly because the use of AR applications has never really gone mainstream. Could this be because, the campaigns launched never truly offered the end user any value? Yes, they may have made some of us go ‘ooh’ but did they actually do anything for us?

    Bringing this back to Pokemon Go, I have been firing questions around at the Unity office to determine why it is so great:

    • Its Pokemon – generational ‘thing’ apparently
    • Gets players out the house – albeit, still glued to their devices
    • It’s more than just a game – it feels (wait for it) ‘real’
    • Brings people together. Apparently, going on a Pokemon hunt is considered a ‘date’
    • Its different. There is nothing else like it at the moment and the timing is great to go outside

    Yes, there is the nostalgic element which, considering their marketing, actually began April Fools Day, 2014. But the key point to hone in on is the fact that the game actually makes us do something. Its socially acceptable and encourages players to get out in the real world and chase these little creatures! Some of the guys here have come in the office next morning and claimed to have met new friends, all with the same shared interest…after walking 12 miles in a day!

    So how is this even relatable to marketing and how can we, as marketeers, learn a thing or two from this Pokemon phenomenon? Check out my tips below:

    Soft launch campaigns – test out your audience to determine success. Instead of spending money on a quirky campaign, do a beta launch. Seed out a video. Whatever it is, remember, Niantics April Fools Day video in 2014:

    Merge realities – combining AR with reality is pretty sexy right now. There is a raw consumer hunger for new technologies that can and should be leveraged. Ask yourself if your campaign crosses boundaries and channels. If the answer is yes, consider how you can leverage the current trend and grab consumer data. This data, should become invaluable to follow up marketing efforts.

    Add value – Pokemon Go offers players the chance to get up from the sofa and break free from the dark into the wondrous outdoors. Consider how and why your campaign will add value to your consumer and ensure your marketing activity outlines the benefits – not the features.

    Consider timings – the game was released in Summer, when the weather is glorious and majority of under 18s on their Summer holidays. Perfect. Would the game be so appealing over Winter? I guess we’ll have to wait and see! Make sure you time your campaign release/launch in accordance with seasons and public holidays and have a plan in place to evolve the campaign and continue engaging with your audience.

    I am sure there is so much more to the game than meets the eye – either way, Nintendo shares have increased, the nation is exercising and the platform has finally launched AR into the mainstream. Yay!

    Digital is dead. What the ****

    Digital marketing is done. Dead. Over. Finito!

    Maybe my opening line is a little attention grabbing but one has to stand out somehow, right? In all honesty, I keep coming across numerous links, articles posts etc claiming the era of digital is now over.

    Hang on. I work in digital. It really isn’t!

    Whilst digital marketing is by no means dead, we have (or at least we should have) accepted that it is integral to all marketing efforts; therefore, we can no longer differentiate between traditional and digital marketing.

    So where does that leave us?

    As a traditional marketeer, my own experience has always led me to consider digital campaigns holistically. After all, why advise clients [businesses/brands] that they should consider a social media campaign focussing on XYZ when remaining channels aren’t ready to support?

    Ask yourself, how many opportunities have been missed because business wide stakeholders and decision makers are focussed on their sole area only? Wouldn’t that campaign have been more successful if the social media campaign reiterated the search campaign, supported the PR content and was relayed as the consumer walked through the door? I appreciate my example may be a little far-fetched but hopefully you get my point.

    Digital marketing isn’t and should never have been a specialist area. Yes there are specialists who focus on social media, AR, loyalty programmes and much more but without considering all other elements, that ‘specialism’ becomes defunct.

    Ultimately, we in the industry have become ‘customer experience enhancers’, ensuring the online journey is integrated with the offline. Creating numerous touchpoint’s and continuously testing to ensure that everything we do is profitable. The easier and more seamless the journey, the more profitable your marketing will become.

    So sorry, it isn’t dead. It’s just being rebranded.