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    The ultimate starter kit to creating effective content for your business

    Your content is an important part of your business’s success, especially when it comes to the design and structure of your website, for instance.

    Your content also aids search engine results, allowing users to find you more effectively, which in turn, will increase traffic to your website. This increase of interest will then result in a more established brand for your business, providing you with the title of leader within your chosen industry.

    This is where we come in.

    Our experienced content department has a wide spectrum of experience within an array of industries and has extensive knowledge in B2B, allowing our team to create engaging content in the form of website content, blogs, social media and other forms of digital content.

    So, you want to know how to write effective content? Well, lucky for you, we are the experts.

    We devised this blog to bring you some top tips on how to write effective content for your business, how to reach your targeted audience and gain the results you desire.

    Interested? Read on.

    Your alluring headline:

    Believe it or not, the headline of your content is crucial as this is the element that will lure your audience into clicking your content and reading on.

    In order to get that user hooked, you need to make your reader feel one of the following:

    • Spark a personal interest
    • Make them feel an emotion
    • Provide an educational element

    Without achieving at least one of the above points, you won’t be able to achieve the results you wish and gain the interest of your desired users.

    Here at Unity, we create powerful headlines for our clients by producing core research into their industry and using our traffic-driven strategies.

    Grabbing your readers attention:

    The golden rule: you have less than 5 seconds to keep your reader interested in your content after they pass the headline. Your first sentence makes the core statement to the rest of your content so you need to make it a powerful and engaging one. This part of your content should grab the readers attention and navigate them deeper into your content.

    Research, Research, Research:

    Naturally, if you are going to write content about any subject – you need to either have the knowledge at hand or do some research into the topic you are discussing. If you create content that is false or does not include any technical language, your content will not create the level of engagement, nor create the results you wish to gain. If you are within the B2B market, make sure you include aspects such as statistics and data in order to give your content a high level of credibility.

    Question: Why are you writing this?

    Every piece of content has a purpose – what is yours?

    Your content should have one key message that should flow through your content with ease. When you are writing your content, keep this in mind and make sure that you tie in your key points to the purpose of your content at all times. No-one likes a waffler! (They just like eating them).

    Wondering why you should write a blog for your business? Click right here for further insight.

    Put your best voice forward:

    There are many variations of a tone of voice, for instance, if you think of an engineering company, you should use a friendly but technical voice that fits this industries requirements.

    It is important to have a unique voice that aligns with your main objectives, target audience personas and branding to create a personal yet insightful piece of content.

    SEO – Contents white knight:

    If you want to create a good piece of content and you want your audience to find your amazing piece of work while they’re scrolling – then you need SEO.

    The best forms of content involves having a consistency of short paragraphs, who aren’t afraid of white space with the odd list to change the frame of the content. Your content should always involve the very latest SEO strategies and you must be in line with best practises.

    If you use SEO effectively within your content writing, you will be able to attract a larger audience base and Google will want to rank you higher within their search engine.

    Check, edit… then check again. 

    Once you have created your content (congratulations!) don’t just flick through and publish.

    Make sure you read through your work and consider what you can do in order to improve your work, for example:

    Are there any grammatical errors?

    • Could I add more technical terms?
    • Would an infographic work with this content?
    • Can I add more keywords?
    • Is there an opportunity to add more internal links?

    After a few edits of your work, with a pair of fresh eyes, you will be able to finalise your content and it will be ready to publish!

    How to find your marketing gurus:

    The core purpose of effective content is to turn visiting consumers into happy customers who will then turn into returning customers.

    Standard content is simply not allowed – you need to publish high-quality content that is pleasing to the eye, produces emotion and educates your audience. 

    Remember: If you use SEO effectively, search engines such as Google rewards businesses on their great content and ranks them higher in their search results!

    So, after analysing your own content – are you getting the results you want?

    Here at Unity, we design and develop ROI focused content marketing strategies that are driven by retaining and engaging your audience, in this competitive industry.

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