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    Why you should write a blog for your small business – right now

    “I’m writing a blog”. A sentence we have heard on the rise for a number of years, but did you know that blogs have been around a lot longer than you think?

    Blogs began their ascent into popularity with the term ‘weblog’ in 1997 which was created by John Barger. From the very early beginning, ‘blogging’ has always been a pathway of communication and expression about a chosen topic.

    With an increase in usage of popular search engines and social media platforms, blogging has now become a golden opportunity for small businesses to promote and engage with their audience via long content. In addition, blogging is used by many to enhance and bolster content strategies to support ongoing SEO campaigns.

    So, with this in mind, we thought it would be a good opportunity to share some of our insight and tips on how you can leverage a blog and ensure your content is helping you grow your business.

    Blogging assists your SEO

    Blogging assists SEO in many ways and can provide a higher ranking position and overall website performance in search engines.

    We have all entered a site where we know straight away it is old. We know this from the font to the images used and the information itself on the page.

    So, what do we do? We click straight off it of course.

    Google doesn’t want to guide you to these types of websites, they direct you to websites that regularly update their content, giving you a fresh and interesting experience. In terms of search engines, algorithms would be used to index your website on a regular basis, making sure that your site is on their radar.

    Another aspect as to why blogging assists your SEO is that it provides you with access to targeting long-tail keywords.

    For example: You are a company who sells “cars”. now, naturally, you would want to appear on a high page that ranks “cars”.

    While this would be fantastic to rank on the number 1 page for cars, unless you’re the biggest brand of cars sales, it will be very difficult to land the golden spot in terms of search.


    SEO is extremely competitive and the best direction for companies to go is to proceed with long-tail keywords that are relevant to your company.

    When you are writing a blog, long-tail keywords are a fantastic choice of SEO as they are usually more than four words which would fit well into a blog. A car company who produces blogs can provide key information to their audience like “cars for beginners” or “cars for sale near me”.

    With long tail keyword searches, you may not receive as much traffic as our original search “cars” but they will attract users who are searching these long-tail keywords who are clearly your target audience. By generating this choice, you will be able to receive more traffic than you would of if you were on higher pages. Trust us, long-tail keywords are the way to go!

    With blog writing, you can also make use of links, both internal and external. This will provide you with the ‘trust factor’ of Google and also other websites, informing them that you are a trustworthy site and have connections within your field.

    When you write a blog, and your audience loves it, they will be more inclined to share and comment on it, which will drive traffic to your website, generating new and returning visitors who are expecting brand new content and possibly an opportunity to sign up to your email newsletter.

    There are a vast amount of directions you could go with SEO in order to create influence over your targeted audience and you can bet publishing blogs for your small business is one of them.

    Shake out your leadership skills

    It doesn’t matter what industry you are in – the sky is the limit!

    Whether you own a corporate training consultancy or a car dealership, a blog can really help your business, allowing you to shout out about your experience and expertise.

    There are many routes you can go down when considering topics to cover for your blog – from “how-to” guides through to your thoughts and opinions on your industries. Not only will this help support and reinforce your company expertise, but it will also aid search efforts.  will boost your company further up the pages on Google as they will see you as a leader of your industry with, of course, the attribute of boosting your business’s awareness through search engines and social media platforms.

    While touching on social media, you could also promote your blogs with the ‘share’ button. This will allow your readers to share your content across social media to their friends and family, generating an increase in awareness and will produce a higher rate of traffic to your website. Great stuff, right?

    Content Marketing is a fantastic opportunity for you and your business as it is said that many readers would rather gain insight from a blog than an advert. So get typing!

    Connect with your fellow bloggers and Unite!

    In today’s society, blogger outreach is a key mechanism you should implement within your development plan for success, especially if you are a small business.

    Creating a list of companies and bloggers that have a core voice within your industry and who you would wish to exchange blog content with will have a fantastic effect on your company. It may surprise you the response you receive from these companies and you know the saying – you don’t know until you try!

    The simplistic charm of blogger outreach is that there are endless possibilities for you to expand and create awareness and engagement for your readers and potential clients.

    When you proceed with outreach, you create a community with other companies, sharing core values and supporting one another, such as social media platforms where you can like and share each other’s content to build your audience nest and ignite a community within your industry.


    What are your thoughts?

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    Why you should write a blog for your small business – right now

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