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    Tips for enhancing wellbeing in the workplace

    In recent years, especially within the creative industry, we have experienced a surge of positivity towards wellbeing within the workplace.

    Understanding the benefits of wellbeing in the workplace, how to execute them and how to give your employees a positive experience could be the missing piece of your in-house productivity cycle.

    Can it be affordable? Absolutely.

    Why should I invest in my employee’s wellbeing?

    If you are worried about wellness being expensive then fear not as the minimalist investments can create the most effective results for you and your team.

    The results speak for themselves. At Unity, we make sure that our health and well being is top notch and applied to everyone within our team.

    With monthly yoga sessions, complimentary fruit, an internal mental health support system and 50% off gym membership we invest in our team to create the most positive and productive support system possible.

    There are many benefits to implement wellbeing in your working environment and we thought we would inform you of what they are and also mention what we have in place here at Unity.

    Reasons why you should place workplace initiatives into your company

    Productivity and Motivation

    It is no surprise that when you implement wellbeing initiatives into your company, your team will show higher levels of performance with their tasks due to an increase in their energy levels. With this benefit, you will be able to see a more efficient and focused team.

    Your team will become a unit

    When your team takes part in wellbeing activities together, whether that is inside or outside of your working environment – they will express a common purpose which will build comradeship and sustainability.

    A significant decrease in stress levels

    When you partner core fitness, healthy eating, mental health support, and wellbeing activities you will see a significantly reduced level of stress within the workplace.

    In addition to this, implementing a mindfulness routine with your team will also decrease the levels of stress but will also increase levels of productivity and creativity.

    Here at Unity HQ, we make sure that communication is key within our team and produce monthly ideas to boost our morale and personal health.

    Our wellbeing incentives are highly valuable to our team and we support each other through areas such as:

    • Monthly yoga sessions
    • Receive a 50% off gym membership
    • Monthly team outings
    • Monthly personal goals

    We believe health is important and with these forms of connectivity in our team and relaxation properties, we have seen a huge increase within our productivity, efficiency and overall morale.

    How to encourage workplace wellness goals in-house

    A plan of action is key to encourage your employees to get involved with creating a positive and productive environment – after all, if you don’t ask what your employees need then you don’t know and can’t implement a routine.

    A fantastic way to begin your wellness strategy in-house is to simply communicate with your team and come up with suggestions. 

    Create a productive environment

    Your employees will work more productive if their environment envisions and enhances a positive atmosphere, with a limited amount of distractions.

    You can prevent aspects such as fatigue and minor headaches by making sure that your environment has a good quality of lighting and have positive and inspiring decor around them,  such as motivational quotes. By implementing these simple aspects, you will increase brain functionality, morale and stress levels. Great, right? We agree!

    Ideas for workplace wellness initiatives

    The choice is endless!

    You could send your employees weekly or monthly educational health emails that involve wellbeing mini exercises, team exercises and positive words of healthy eating or presenting your team with an external presence such as a yoga teacher or health advisor and go through exercises and individual appointments to talk about their health goals.

    At Unity, we had the pleasure of inviting Josh Plant, Professional MMA fighter into our office where we received a 1 to 1 meeting with Josh to discuss our habits, goals and what we would like to achieve within our health and wellbeing plans.

    We took away a vast amount of information and evaluated our current health issues and established solutions for a healthier future.

    By having a holistic approach with your wellbeing incentives, you will be able to show your staff that wellbeing is not just about the body but also the mind and how those two entities combine as one within your working environment. By applying this approach, you will be able to visualise an increase in productivity and boosted morale with your team.

    Work Productivity

    As you can clearly see, wellbeing programs and initiatives make an impact on your team development and productivity levels within your business. But what can you offer as an employer to influence these changes and embed these incentives into your employees everyday routine?

    Encourage creativity with collaboration spaces – People need their space, but they also need that connection with their fellow colleagues. By arranging desks into connected units, your employees will be able to gather easily from their desks to compile ideas and discuss overall business quickly and efficiently. By connecting these tables, you will also be able to make a sufficient amount of space around work units, providing a more spacious environment for your employees.

    Flexible work hours – All of your employees are different and have their own personalities and private lives, all with different external commitments too. This could be areas such as family commitments and health requirements so by implementing a flexible working hours system, you will be able to produce a boost in employee loyalty and satisfaction – keeping your staff turnover low.

    This incentive will also assist with events such as burnouts and will allow your employees to have a higher level of productivity and morale due to the support you are providing for them. You will also see a difference in their attitude to work and their fellow colleagues.

    Subsidise development courses – This is a fantastic form of wellbeing as you will be able to demonstrate your commitment to your employee’s training and growth within the company. By proceeding with training and development programs you will be able to improve your employee’s skillset and will be able to provide your team with a sense of personal achievement – which means a boost of morale throughout your team and high levels of productivity for your company.


    Here at Unity, we believe in communication and take advantage of this commodity every day. By proceeding with development and training plans, 1 to 1 meetings with our director, monthly wellbeing activities and mental health support – we have seen a significant improvement with our productivity levels and overall morale within our working environment.

    The first step is to talk to your team, go around the room and see what exciting ideas you can come up with as a team to secure a more positive and supportive environment for you and your colleagues.


    What are your thoughts?


    Tips for enhancing wellbeing in the workplace

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