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    Why email marketing is a must-have tool for your business

    In today’s society, email marketing is a common tool to use – but not everyone uses this form of engagement.

    This engaging tool has been around for a long time and with the adapting likes of social media marketing, video content and other forms of customer engagement, email marketing is still a highly effective pursuit in a company’s marketing strategy.

    But how is this possible you may ask?

    Think about it, how many people do you know that has an email account. Everyone, right?

    You need an email address to sign up for social media accounts, newsletters, favourite online stores for that matter. Pretty much everything on the internet.

    As email has such a constant usage in this technology era so this is where email marketing can really take a stand – especially with your business.

    We decided to create a blog around this much-talked-about topic to give you the core reasons as to why you need email marketing within your marketing strategy and how you can utilise this tool for your businesses progression.

    Making connections last

    Keeping constant contact with your current customers and potential customers are vital for updating them with what’s new in your business. You can inform them of your latest and upcoming products to exclusive discounts and promotions and upcoming events.

    Within your email marketing list, you will have already worked with/ sold your products to customers so these engaged clients will already have a core interest in hearing from you.

    Mobile is on the rise

    Nowadays with the technology that we have at our disposal, mobile is king and due to users opening their emails more on mobile devices than that of desktop, a structured and engaging email marketing campaign is key to success.

    An attractive, email model will produce and convert on mobile devices to a high standard.

    The personal and engaging touch

    It would probably surprise you to know that we have had email longer than you think. With 40 years under our belts with this system, it has intertwined into our everyday lives. Users respond to emails due to actions such as checking emails on a daily basis fabricated into our usual routines. This can provide a large opportunity for businesses to explore options such as new customers and subscribers.

    Email is easy peasy

    Email marketing is a well-known tool and one of the easiest platforms to work with in terms of online marketing. This iconic and valuable asset obtains enriching real-time data such as CTR, conversion rates, customers who have subscribed and unsubscribed etc.

    With this data, it is easy to analyse the performance and results of your email marketing ventures easily.

    When you acquire a clearer focus on what you are working on and what you wish to achieve, what needs to be changed and what your core focuses should be, you start to see and understand where your marketing efforts achieve when it comes to your campaigns.

    Targeted campaigns produce results

    Email marketing is a fantastic resource if you need to reach various users, in regards to analysing the form of relationship you have with them currently.

    Example: You may have subscribers that have purchased a product from you in the past. With this information, you would produce a specific type of message to that user as they know your brand and products and may be interested in pursuing a repeat purchase.

    Another example: On the opposite side of the spectrum, you will have subscribers that have never bought a product from your business. This is a golden opportunity to introduce yourself and your products to users who are considering to buy.

    Email allows you to create “buyer personas” which is where you will be able to place your subscribers in separate lists and maximise your marketing advantages. Targeting your audiences with specific campaigns will allow you to address certain buying behaviours and create a more engaging relationship with your subscribers.

    There are many reasons as to why you should definitely place email marketing within your businesses marketing strategy!

    We hope you found this blog insightful, if you have any queries, particularly if you want to implement email marketing into your strategy, contact us today!

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    Why email marketing is a must-have tool for your business

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