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    Why it is crucial to have a content marketing strategy for your business?

    So, what is blogging and content marketing?

    Within this blog, we will be explaining the two above terms, providing you with a clear understanding and giving you food for thought on what you can implement within your own company.

    Did you know: Businesses that contribute to the art of blogging produce 73% more leads than companies that have decided not to go down this route.

    Interested? Read on.

    Explain blogging to me

    You have most likely heard the term blogging and even read some blogs yourself across the Internet. This term comes from “weblog”. This refers to the act of publishing informative content onto a website platform.

    Blogs can take many shapes and forms however and can pursue a variety of backgrounds – from educational to personal and corporate content. The possibilities of blog writing are truly endless!

    If you’re new to blogging or looking to have a blog section for your company website, you can find more information right here.

    Okay. so, what’s content marketing?

    When it comes to company productivity, creating blogs is simply not enough to make a mark in society. Blogging is a fantastic tool, but in order for blogging to be truly effective for a business, it needs to be placed within a strategic marketing plan – blogging then becomes a valuable asset to drive results and produce potential conversions.

    This is what makes content marketing. Having the attributes to create and publish strategic, valuable and consistent content in order to educate and attract an audience.

    At Unity, we use buyer personas.

    Now, a buyer persona is where we produce research and create a semi-fictional customer that would be the ideal fit for a companies target audience.

    This allows us to build customer loyalty and deliver core value to these personas, attracting the right target audience who are marketed with the relevant content and attracting those conversions to take place.

    That is the difference between blogging and content marketing – content marketing is all about driving customers through the purchase funnel and proceed with a conversion in order to drive those results home.

    At the end of the day, it is so important to make sure that you don’t treat your consumers as a sale, treat them as your neighbour. Communication is key and in order to create that C2B relationship, you need to acquire the customer’s trust, create engaging high-quality content and provide something new so your customer will directly come back to you and not your competitors.

    Content marketing can promote itself in an array of forms – not just the form of blogging.

    Below is a list of just a few possibilities that you could pursue to align with your blog:

    • Social Media
    • Infographics
    • Video Content
    • Animation

    With the variety of channels, you can undergo in order to create those conversions, the possibilities are endless.

    Brilliant. What should I do now?

    So, when it comes to what the differentiations are between blogging and content marketing, you should have a deeper understanding.

    We always produce a variety of strategies and tests when it comes to producing engaging content for all our clients, so it is very important that you undergo the exact same process.

    A few key aspects to remember:

    • Create a content marketing strategy for your blogs. If there is no strategy, you will have a much lower chance of creating value and converting those leads.
    • If you are not providing core value to your customers, then this is not content marketing. Fact.
    • Blogging is a tool for your business. Content marketing is the toolbox.
    • Remember, it is important to align your content projects with that of other marketing directions such as email marketing and social media, in order to enhance your content’s success rates and build a stronger brand personality online. 

    What are your thoughts?

    At Unity, we are passionate about content marketing. Let’s face it, it is all around us and will continue to be a presence in the future of the marketing world.

    It enables you to bring value, trust, the generating of leads and finally convert customers to purchase your services and products.

    To find out more about effective content marketing, speak to our team today who will be happy to have a chat about your content marketing opportunities


    Why it is crucial to have a content marketing strategy for your business?

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