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    8 Top Tips for the Ultimate Facebook Marketing Experience

    Know your audience

    Learn how to talk to your audience by knowing exactly who your audience is.

    Your Facebook marketing will be far more effective if you know what your demographics interests are and also their needs.

    Facebook is a contender when it comes to your target audience. How? Because the platform generates the resources you need, such as Facebook Ad Manager.

    Ads Manager allows you to produce a custom audience, allowing you to segment such as genre, location, interests and more.

    Talk to your audience, not at them

    Your core purposes for social media is to build a relationship with your audience and promote your brand.

    Our tip? Encourage engagement with your target audience – allow them to be part of your brand!

    The simplest way to achieve this is to ask interesting and enticing questions. Don’t assume that users will comment just because they like your content – ask them to do so.

    Other great ways to boost engagement include:

    • Contests
    • Polls and quizzes
    • “Caption this image” posts
    • “Fill in the blank” posts 

    Know when to post

    Yes, there are certain times in the day where traffic is at its peak.

    Post your content when everyone’s asleep, working, or not online, and you’re not going to achieve your targets.

    • 9am
    • 12pm
    • 3pm
    • 6pm

    If you utilise these timeframes effectively, you can’t go wrong.

    Great content is the best way forward

    So, you have a targeted audience, you know their interests, so the next part is to produce some engaging and eye-catching content.

    You want followers to come back to your page and find exciting new posts in their feed, and share them as often as possible.

    To do this, you have two options:

    1. Consistently write excellent content – and lots of it!
    2. Find content by others that’ll interest your audience

    Content that is a mixture of your own produced content as well as finding related articles from reliable sources can provide a great content portfolio for your Facebook page – it allows your audience to visualise that you are not just producing optimised content, but you understand your industry and update your audience with the latest news.

    Join the right groups

    Facebook groups can be a powerful tool in your marketing process.

    To begin, track down a few interesting Facebook groups within your chosen industry. A tip here is to look for responsive groups that ideally have a valuable amount of followers.

    To narrow your search a little, try groups limited to your area, or groups that focus on a very specific area of interest.

    Consider creating your own group for customers.

    This gives your audience easy access to a page to share tips and tricks and with this in mind, would be easier than producing a forum on your website. Naturally, it is also a fantastic way to build brand loyalty with your users and create core content that will engage with your consumers on a personal level.

    Video is the future

    You might already have noticed how much of your personal Facebook feed is taken up by videos. People enjoy seeing videos in their feed as they scroll, you yourself might be a fan of the same process!

    With video, there are some key benefits such as:

    • They take up a fair amount of space on your facebook page and news feed, making them eye-catching and more likely to be clicked on.
    • Sharing is caring. Videos have produced a large increase in sharing because of how easy it is to just click share and inform their friends!
    • Facebook is heavily invested with their video options due to battling with Google (Who own YouTube) so you will have plenty of support from Facebook.                                             
    • Tip: Don’t forget the subtitles. 85% of all Facebook videos are viewed with the sound turned off. Videos without subtitles have a massive disadvantage and will lose out on engagement.

    The age of the Influencer 

    Influencers are industry Kings and Queens with established and segmented audiences that listen to them, trust their brand and purpose and have users that listen to them intently. If you can find influencers to share your posts or talk about your brand, your message will be engaged with a higher rate of users.

    But how can you find good influencers to work with you ask? Again, social listening (the process of monitoring social media channels for mentions of your brand) will help with this.

    By tracking industry keywords on Facebook, you’ll find voices with strong voices who use them often. By proceeding with this process, you will find out what specific influencers discuss in terms of your industry, how many followers they have and how many of those followers engage with their content, and much more.

    Invest in Facebook ads

    Advertising on Facebook is now a key digital marketing strategy in today’s society.

    Facebook has more than a billion users every single day!

    The main reason however for you and your Facebook Marketing strategy is to analyse user behaviour and the core analytics that Facebook collects and generates for you.


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    8 Top Tips for the Ultimate Facebook Marketing Experience

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