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    How to grow your business using Linkedin Marketing

    When it comes to promoting your brand and business on social media, we find that the focus generally falls on Facebook and Twitter. However, we forget that there is also another platform that offers huge bags of potential and opportunities to reach more people.

    Linkedin has grown rapidly over the years and is fast becoming the new connector and data specialist for businesses and professionals worldwide. Unlike the other Social Media networks, with Linkedin, you can you grow your professional network, generate leads, create ads and it’s a great platform to find and hire professionals to fuel your business growth.

    We’ve put together our top tips on how to use LinkedIn effectively, to help grow your business and brand.

    1. Create a LinkedIn Company page

    This may sound pretty obvious, but many of us assume Linkedin is only for business professionals and not for companies as such. Did you know? Personal profiles don’t have the same marketing and advertising features and company pages, so you’re already missing out on opportunities there!

    2. Promote your company page

    Once your company page is all set up, it is worth encouraging all your employees to connect and follow the page. This will help to build your first set of followers and create a company space on Linkedin.
    Next steps would be to promote the page on your other platforms:
    – Add the link your LinkedIn company page to website footers, email templates, email signatures etc
    – Announce the launch of the company page across other social networks.

    3. Share regular content

    The key to success for any social media network is to post regular and valuable content. Try to post content that is trending and relevant, including news and events happening at your company. A great tip would be to use the Linkedin Company page analytics to see your top performing updates… This will also to make strategic decisions on the best times to post and view the type of content your followers are engaged with the most.

    4. Create a Linkedin Marketing strategy

    Setting up the company page is the easy part. But in order to maximise the full potential of your Linkedin page, you need to create a clear marketing strategy, that will help you to take advantage of the opportunities. Start off by understanding what you want to achieve from this Linkedin page. Is it more followers? Traffic to your website? Or is to increase traffic to your website? Whatever the objective is, you can create strategic campaigns to help work towards your target.
    Every time you post content on Linkedin, think back to your overall objective, and consider if this campaign will help achieve your goals… If not… What is it you can do differently? It may be as simple as tweaking the content.


    How to grow your business using Linkedin Marketing

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