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    Unity Wins Business Excellence Awards 2021!

    We are delighted to announce that Unity has been awarded the Best Web Design & SEO Marketing Experts in the UK 2021 by Acquisition, Business Excellence Awards.

    As a well-known magazine that is said to be the voice of modern businesses all around the world, the team at Unity are extremely proud and honoured to have been nominated and recognised as the winner of best web design and SEO marketing.

    Based in the Midlands, Unity is the perfect solution for businesses searching for an integrated digital marketing partner, with a focus on delivering ROI. Whether it’s a bespoke new website, increase in online conversions, maximum exposure on search engines or a slick social campaign, we pride ourselves on working alongside your business objectives to deliver a strategic, measurable and integrated approach to our clients digital marketing.

    3 ways to incorporate personalisation to up your marketing game

    Marketing personalisation is everywhere, and in abundance. So much so that as a consumer it goes by somewhat unnoticed. 

    Your suggested watch list for Netflix, your product recommendations on Amazon. Your yearly round-up on Spotify. 

    All of the above companies frequently market through user personalisation, and guess why? It works. 

    Marketers now know that consumers want to be appreciated and noticed by businesses, in fact in a recent study it was concluded that 94% of customers and marketing professionals said personalisation is “important,” “very important,” or “extremely important.” 

    By now you would expect that B2C marketers have come to terms with the fact that personalised marketing is, in fact, the future of the marketing industry. Now more than ever people are spending more time at home with their devices, whether it’s remote working, homeschooling, watching movies or even buying groceries online, we are reliant on digital technology.

    Consumers are too accustomed to tolerating anything less than highly targeted personalised content from brands and for marketers, which may pose a problem. How can you possibly personalise content for thousands of customers without overworking your marketing team?

    Ask The Right Questions

    An effective way to segment your audience for personalisation is to simply just ask questions. 

    Asking your customers why they visit your website is the first step in detailed personalisation, follow that question with what they are looking for and how they found your site, collecting this data to review will help you understand the journey your customers are taking to view your site or purchase a product.

    Where can we see this in action? 

    Clothing retailer thread.com asks users their gender, preferred brands, styles, and garment colour preferences before even showing the consumer a product. 

    Why do they do this?

    Removing the filtering and “scrolling” aspect away from a potential customer is a clever way to influence a user to make a purchase. 

    Monitor user behaviour and make it useful!

    With the right tools in place, businesses and marketers can securely collect user data with every click throughout the user journey.

    When marketers know exactly what a consumer is searching for or frequently visiting, they know exactly what content to produce to deliver an incentive to sell or achieve the desired goal.  

    To gather this data, marketers should track metrics such as email opens, link clicks, enquiries and even purchasing behaviours. Ultimately the more data that is collected, the more effective and personalised the content can be.

    By monitoring existing customer data, marketers can create audience segmentation to identify users as future customers. 

    Here at Unity we regularly utilise audience segmentation, track data and target our content and ads for our clients that will generate leads on Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram.

    Let’s take a look at this in action

    facebook ads

    This example is what you will find in Facebook Ads Manager when detailing a target audience, as you can see this audience is classed as refined. 

    Facebook has allowed us to select Women, Between the ages of 25-35 who live in London and who match the demographics of being an Engaged Shopper for Online Shopping and who ALSO have additional interests in Clothing and Fashion

    You can include more detailed targeted such as Exclusions, Languages and Audience Expansions

    With this targeted detailing, we can expect that the users receiving the Ad content would be personalised within their behaviours, interests and demographics. 

    Personalised Email Marketing

    For many years the ‘one size fits all’ email messaging format has become stale. Consumers no longer click on sales emails and by creating such will likely lose you valuable customer data through unsubscriptions. 

    Instead, leverage your customer data and segmentation to create clickable personalised email campaigns.  

    Email subject lines that are personalised on average generate 50% more open rates than those that don’t, and in a study conducted by liveclicker an overall of 55% of consumers have stated that they like email messages that contain relevant products and offers.

    Its now fact that most of us are now receiving personalised and tailored emails to our inbox, here’s an example: 

    spotify 2019

    Spotify’s #yearwrapped campaign is a form of user personalisation at its finest. Throughout the year Spotify has recorded all of your listening habits including your top 10 played songs, your most chosen artists, podcasts and genres, all the way down to what time of day you picked up the headphones and started listening.  

    Spotify’s personalised yearly roundup has become one of the most well-known forms of marketing there is, so much so that it has become a viral social trend. 

    Put your data into action

    So now you’ve asked the right questions, your in your customer’s inbox and you’ve securely recorded customer data. 

    Now you can leverage your user data and use it to maximise your sales and draw in potential leads through personalised marketing. 

    Need some guidance? Speak to Unity today.

    Further reading…

    Top 3 Companies that delivered viral personalisation campaigns 

    Cadbury’s created a personalised video campaign that matched Dairy Milk flavours with users based on data recorded from their Facebook profile, including age, interest and location. The campaign was widely successful and generated a 65% click-through rate and a 33.6% conversion rate, proving personalisation really works.

    Nike launched a data-driven personalised video campaign provided by individuals data collected from Nike+ customers. Each user received a 1-minute video of a generalised male or female character running through a personalised video pulling information such as location, activity, food recorded and Nike+ movement data. The campaign was titled ‘Outdo You’ and was created to motivate its user while keeping customer retention.

    EasyJet launched a data-driven email campaign to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The email used customer data to build narratives from their travel history and where they may want to visit next. A total of 12,478,608 personalised emails where sent and open click rates were 100% higher than the average newsletter.

    6 Key Performance Indicators to help boost your marketing

    Think of KPI’s like a car journey from say London to Leicester. Here the aim is to reach Leicester by 3pm. 

    Once you have begun your journey you will need directions from your navigation system to understand where you are and which route is best to take. 

    In this case, useful KPI’s might include, GPS location data, average speed, mileage, fuel levels, estimated arrival time etc. 

    These metrics or KPIs will allow you to understand whether you are on track and will also help you make better driving decisions should you take this trip again. 

    Marketing is just the same. When you promote a new marketing campaign we need to ensure we are measuring key factors to decide whether our marketing efforts have been a success or failure. Without these key performance indicators, it can be challenging to fully grasp the performing areas and where foreseeable improvements are made.

    KPI’s in digital marketing

    KPI’s in digital marketing are all the metrics that help to determine whether or not your marketing strategies are successful in goal attainment. Whether your goal is to drive traffic to your website, increase conversions or generate leads, you will measure and analyse different areas of your marketing efforts to learn how well they are performing.  

    Performance metrics or KPI’s are important as they help you to decide which areas of your marketing campaigns need further investment. These factors are essential in observing customer interaction with your brand and business. 

    There are many KPI’s you can measure, but we’ve put together our top 6:

    1. ROI
    2. Follower growth
    3. Conversion Rate
    4. Website visitors
    5. Social media engagement
    6. Organic traffic

    1. Return on Investment (ROI)

    The ROI in marketing describes how much revenue a marketing campaign generates when compared with the total marketing costs.

    2. Follower growth

    This indicator is important when using social media as a marketing option. It shows how successful your social media campaigns are by increasing the number of followers. Therefore, you are able to reach new people and further increase brand awareness.

    3. Conversion Rate

    The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who visit your website and have completed the desired action. It could be anything from purchasing a product to filling in an enquiry form. This KPI is particularly helpful as it allows you to see and monitor the performance of your leads.

    4. Website Visitors

    In marketing, the main objective for any campaign is to attract your customers. One of the best ways to reach this objective is through your website.

    Website visitors are an important KPI to measure as it would give you a true indication of how successful your marketing campaigns are doing. For example, you can see how many customers are visiting your website through social media and which pages are performing the best.

    5. Social Media Engagement

    Understanding how well your social media campaigns are performing is key. Tracking engagement gives you a clear indicator as to how many people are liking, sharing, commenting or mentioning your content. Businesses with an increase in social media engagement are more likely to have their content shared to followers.

    6. Organic traffic

    SEO plays a huge role in digital marketing and demonstrates how well your SEO campaigns are performing. An example of a successful web analytic service such as Google Analytics produces quantifiable ranking on search engines organically while measuring the performance of keywords used in the content. 

    Image credit Bing Digital

    APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN: Free Ad Spend & Grants for UK Small Businesses

    In April, Facebook pledged $100M to support small businesses worldwide. The programme so far has helped over 15,000 businesses keep down their costs and to carry on operating during this difficult time.

    Here’s the good news; applications for the Facebook Small business grants programme is NOW OPEN to businesses in the UK, but you have to act fast as applications close on October 1st 2020.

    The funding is intended to help businesses in the following ways:

    • Covering operational costs
    • Helping with rent costs
    • Connecting with more customers
    • Generating new leads, clients and sales
    • Maintaining a strong workforce

    How We Can Help

    As trusted partners, Unity can communicate and work closely with your business, as well as supporting you in your application for the small business grants programme offered by Facebook.

    We offer comprehensive account management, ensuring that your ads and your businesses online profile will perform to its best ability while also optimising your customer reach and building a secure campaign to target leads.

    → Let Us Help

    For a free account consultation and for further information on how we can support you in applying and in making the most of any grants made available to you, speak to one of our specialists today on 0116 298 4681 or via our contact form.

    Or, for more information, check out our original post.

    Our strategies saw a 75% increase in qualified leads during Covid-19!

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    Are you ready to accelerate your business with digital marketing?

    Now more than ever businesses are relying on digital technology to reach their customers. Whether it is through websites, emails, or social media, it is fast becoming a prerequisite for all businesses to embrace.

    As consumer behaviour changes during covid-19, it is important businesses adapt their marketing strategies in order to effectively reach their customers and continue providing the service they love.

    At Unity our main focus is to digitally transform and grow your business with data driven digital campaigns to achieve maximum exposure and ROI for your business.

    It all starts with a conversation.

    This is why we are offering our skills and advice in a FREE consultation either via phone or video call at a time that suits you.

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    Our consultation will leave you with:

    • Knowledge: A better understanding on what you need from digital marketing and to uncover opportunities to help your business grow
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    • Confidence: In Unity and our marketing expertise to help you make informed choices about your brand and business.

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    Google & Facebook to Offer FREE Ad Spend for UK Small Businesses

    Both Google and Facebook have released that they will be offering small businesses and medium-sized businesses financial relief in the form of ad credits and grants during the current pandemic. These grant credits are aimed for a business that routinely advertises through Google and Facebook although they are offering this to some new business accounts.

    This programme was released in the U.S last month and is set to be made available to 30 additional countries including the UK imminently.

    Facebook Small Business Grants 

    Facebook has pledged $100 million in grants and advertising credits to business accounts who again regularly advertise through their platform. The ‘Small Business Grants’ program is set to be made available to 30,000 businesses across 30 countries who have been hit by the effects of COVID-19. They have made some of their grants available to cover the costs of operations, rent, and workforce.


    How to check if you are eligible: 

    Unlike Google’s programme, you will have to apply for a Small Business grant with Facebook. The eligibility is aimed at businesses that have operated for over a year and to those that employ between 2 – 50 people who have been hit with effects from COVID-19.

    This programme is currently available in the US and will be expected to be released imminently in the UK. 

    See the full criteria and available locations here

    Both the search giant and social media platform creates a lot of revenue through SMB’s, these programmes have been put in place to reward those who frequently use their services and is expected to build trust between business and client.

    How we can support

    We can communicate and work closely with your business, Facebook & Google to support your application for a ‘Small Business Grant’ and Google ad credits.

    As a trusted Google Partner we offer comprehensive account management, ensuring that your ads are performing to their best ability while also optimising your customer reach and building a secure campaign to target leads.

    For a free account consultation and for further information on how we can support, speak to one of our specialists today.

    → Be the first to know when this is launched in the UK

    Stay in the loop and make sure your business is amongst the first to apply!

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