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    Digital marketing post-COVID – Are you prepared?

    The recent pandemic has put a pause button on many businesses across the globe. And now as we all return to a new standard of normality, businesses need to be more creative than ever with their marketing strategies to re-engage their customer base. 

    We’ve all seen for ourselves how we have heavily relied on online services to fuel our lifestyles such as replacing gyms with Youtube fitness videos, shopping for groceries online, to even buying homes through virtual tours. The truth to be told here is… life must go on, COVID or no COVID!

    However, this then created a huge demand for businesses to tailor their services to suit customer requirements, and the only way to drive customers to them is by using digital marketing.

    Brand and companies must now redesign and revamp their marketing game plan and develop new strategies and techniques to reach their audiences. By doing so, they can continue to keep the trust and band authority they once had with their customers. 

    Here are our few of our tips to help you bounce back stronger and smarter in this post COVID world:

    Prepare for a transformation in customer behaviour

    Customer behaviour has most definitely been influenced by the recent pandemic, which is why you need to consider that factor in future campaigns. Think about the different mediums customers are using to purchase goods and how they are finding services online. The priority here would be to create meaningful and purpose-driven campaigns that meet the current consumer needs and requirements. 

    Keeping your customer informed

    Quality content production is an essential part of your marketing campaigns. Especially in this climate, it is important to keep in touch with all your existing customers and also keep them informed of any business changes due to COVID. Regular updates of new products, services and news will help build brand awareness and keep your customers engaged. 

    Get social

    Social media platforms are now the best places to reach your customers. Channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin are where your customers are spending their time reviewing products, discussing opinions and making their purchasing decisions. You can use these tools to listen to your customers, learn more about them and the market in order to create tailored marketing campaigns. 

    Measure your data

    The only way you will be able to see what is working and what isn’t is through data. Measuring data and analytics allows you to manage campaigns and make educated decisions when allocating marketing funds. The key performance indicators you need to measure are sales, number of leads generated, referrals, social analytics and so on.  

    Have you installed Google Analytics? This is a great starting to point to get insight data on your website, email and social media performance.

    Finally, what you will learn from digital marketing is that it is all about being experimental. You need to try and test new marketing methods to promote your brand and engage with your customers to ultimately drive traffic and sales.

    If you have a business and would like to up your marketing game post-COVID, then we are here to help. With tailored marketing campaigns targeted to your customers, we can help increase engagement and brand authority in this ever-competitive world! 

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    Digital marketing post-COVID – Are you prepared?

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